February 2021

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SoP Book Read Cultivates Learning and Connection

By Lisa Imhoff

Over winter break, 45 members of the SoP community participated in the school-wide book read of Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care by Dayna Bowen Matthew. Five discussion groups comprised of faculty, staff, and students (PharmD and graduate students) met weekly over three weeks to engage in focused discussion.

Sponsorship of the SoP book read was supported by the Dean’s Advisory Council (with six members of the council participating), the Committee for Academic and Staff Issues (CASI), and the faculty/staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee.

Overwhelming, those who participated in the book read believed this opportunity led to a greater sense of community. Participants also felt they acquired knowledge related to bias and healthcare disparities and found the ability to apply what they learned from the book into practice.

If you didn’t have a chance to join the book read, you can still read Just Medicine via this free PDF download or online copy using your NetID.

We hope you join us for further opportunities to help advance diversity, equity, and inclusion and achieve our School’s strategic plan’s goals of preparing all students to serve marginalized populations and improve the climate for underrepresented faculty, staff, and students.

The next opportunity to engage in this area is on Tuesday, February 23 at noon. Caitlyn LoMonte, Program Director for Social Justice Education in the Office of Inclusion Education, will present training on microaggressions. Check your email for a meeting calendar invite from the Dean’s Office sent on 1/27 to RSVP and access the meeting link.

Also, learn more about new DEI programs and resources at SoP.

Selected comments about fostering a sense of community:

“A good opportunity for people from different divisions/areas to become acquainted in a non-strictly-work context and converse in a more peer-like way.”

“Participants provided a comfortable environment where others could share their experiences and feel heard and valued.”

“I met people outside of my usual circle and engaged with them. I learned some commonalities. If we were back in the building they are people I would start to say ‘hi’ to in the hall now!”

“It was really great to be mixed with students and faculty. As a student, I got to see the faculty dedication to its students.”

“The discussion allowed me to understand how relatable our experiences are regardless of status and race.”

“I got to know more people within the SoP. I felt like we shared a common goal.”

Selected comments on what was learned and how the knowledge is being applied:

“Personally, I have been more aware of how I interact with each patient. I’ve become more invested in seeking out and dismantling my biases to understand what I need to continually work on to be a better health care professional.”

“Having the knowledge from this book and the conversations has helped me look for patterns, and I’m seeing these in current news stories with regards to COVID outcomes and responses. I am looking for ways to integrate what I learned into my realms of influence in my working world and plan to do so as much as possible.”

“I’ve made notes about many concepts and graphics to use in my lectures, and I’ve discussed what we can do further at the School.”

“I plan to be more conscious about what biases I may bring to a patient encounter and treat the patient in front of me as an individual and not a statistic.”

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Latest Publications & Grants

  • SAS Assistant Professor Olufunmilola Abraham and Kelsey Brasel, Sommer Gay, and Maggie Hoernke, PharmD students on her CRoME Team, publish “Strategies first year doctor of pharmacy students use to promote well-being” in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.
  • Michelle Chui and Dave Mott Receive ICTR Grant

    SAS Professors Michelle Chui and Dave Mott won a Pipeline supplemental grant from UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research’s Dissemination and Implementation Launchpad for their proposal, “Facilitating the Dissemination of an Opioid Stewardship Framework across Wisconsin”.

  • ICTR Awards Grant to Jay Ford for Naltrexone Research

    SAS Assistant Professor Jay Ford’s proposal, “Pharmacy Outreach to Expand Injectable Naltrexone Services,” receives Dissemination and Implementation Pipeline supplemental funding from UW ICTR.

SoP Salute

To: Caleb DeWitt, HR Assistant

From: Betty Chewning, SAS Professor

Caleb DeWitt

“I would like to tell you how helpful Caleb DeWitt is. I work with wonderful faculty assistants in my Communication course 652. Each year, I have multiple staff evaluations as part of UW’s performance management system. I needed some help navigating the system this past week and emailed Caleb.

He was completely patient, clear, supportive, and professional as I wound my way through the process. The School of Pharmacy is very lucky to have someone with his generosity of spirit and communication skills, on top of terrific expertise.”


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Buzzing Around

New Hires

Claire Rosenberger, Associate Research Specialist with SAS Assistant Professor Olufunmilola Abraham and the CRoME Team, on December 1.

Claire Rosenberger joins the School of Pharmacy from the UW Center for Healthy Minds where she was a Research Specialist and helped conduct research that examined teacher’s characteristics, well-being, and effectiveness. She also looked at first-year student’s ability to adapt to college life.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Norbert College. During her undergraduate career, Claire was a Research Assistant in the Developmental Decision-Making Lab, where she conducted research on risk taking, emotion-based decision-making, and education. She was also a Research Assistant in the AED Lab, where she examined an AED’s effects on the human heart.

In her current role at SoP with Dr. Abraham and the CRoME Team, Claire is helping the lab understand the connections between educators, community members, and game-based learning to improve cancer prevention, opioid use, and overall well-being for young adults.

In her free time, Claire enjoys reading, traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with her dog, Otter.

Qiuhua Fan, Assistant Scientist with PharmSci Professor Weiping Tang and the Tang Lab, on January 1.

Qiuhua Fan joins the School of Pharmacy from Anichem LLC in North Brunswick, NJ, where he was a Senior Scientist working on custom catalog synthesis, mainly in the field of heterocyclic chemistry.

He brings extensive industry experience in Beijing, China as a Senior Scientist for Bioduro Beijing Co. Ltd, on behalf of Roche, Group Leader at Bioduro on behalf of GSK, Process Development Engineer at Bejing Juneng Industrial Group, and Assistant Engineer with Beijing Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Ltd. (formerly Beijing Pharmaceutical Works).

His academic research experience includes serving as a Research Associate at the University of Arkansas Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, working on a series of in-depth studies on the galactonoamidines as potent β- galactosidase inhibitors. He was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Oregon Health and Science University’s Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in Portland, working on synthesis of CREB inhibitors and the synthesis and bioactivity evaluation of organic nanotubes for gene delivery.

Qiuhua earned his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the School of Pharmaceutical Science, Peking University Health Science Center (formerly Beijing Medical University) in Beijing, China.

Victoria Obatusin, Associate Research Specialist with SAS Assistant Professor Olufunmilola Abraham and the CRoME Team, on January 5.

Victoria Obatusin joins the School of Pharmacy from Home Instead Senior Care, Inc. in Madison where she served in several roles, including Corporate Trainer, Scheduling Manager, Caregiver Integration Specialist, and Staff Coordinator. Her previous experience includes Program Coordinator for Maydm in Madison as well as Program and Study Group Coordinator of the Academic Enhancement Program at the UWMadison Law School.

Victoria earned her master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA) from UWMadison
and holds a LLB in Law from the University of Greenwich in London, England.


Maria Bove, Associate Research Specialist with the Sonderegger Research Center, on January 19.

Maria Bove joins the School of Pharmacy from Bright Horizons in Pittsburgh, where she was a Lead Teacher at an early elementary school with experience in the study of mental and physical development.

She earned her bachelor’s from Penn State University in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. Devoted to human services, Maria also worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Cognition, Affect and Temperament Lab, in addition to volunteering as a Crisis Hotline Counselor at a crisis hotline.

“I just moved to Madison, and I am excited to help make an impact on the world of research! Some fun facts about me are I love to bake, I am recently engaged, and I just adopted two kittens named Buzz and Woody.”


Faculty Assistants in 652 Communications course with SAS Professor Betty Chewning, starting on January 1:

  • Becky Anderson, Pharmacist with Reedsburg Area Medical Center
  • Roberta Carrier, Pharmacist with The Medicine Shoppe
  • Becky Mann, Pharmacist
  • Tiaha McGettigan, Pharmacist with Reedsburg Area Medical Center Viking Pharmacy
  • Brielle Wenthur, Pharmacist


  • Yang Sun, Research Intern with Hsung Lab, last day was December 18
  • Hongyu Li, Research Intern with Dai Lab, last day was December 20
  • Jicheng Wu, Postdoc Research Associate with Tang Lab, last day was December 20
  • Peng Teng, Assistant Scientist with Tang Lab, last day was December 31
  • Laura Stephenson, Associate Research Specialist with CRoME Team, last day was January 23
  • Xiaoyu Li, Postdoc Research Associate with Golden Lab, last day was January 24
  • Susanne Litscher, Research Specialist with Collier Lab, last day was January 30
  • Gongyu Li, Postdoc Research Associate with Li Lab, last day was January 31
  • Vic Bankston, Associate Research Specialist with Shiyanbola Research Group, last day was January 31
  • Zhen Zheng, Postdoc Research Associate with Wenthur Lab, last day was January 31

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SoP Holiday Photo Album

  • Happy Holidays from the Chyllas! —Kathy Chylla, IIT Information Processing Consultant

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