February 21, 2020

School News

SoP Officially Re-Accredited Through 2028

It’s official! The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Board of Directors has formally voted to extend the School’s accreditation through 2028. The SoP has been accredited since 1939 and continues to model excellence in pharmacy, innovative research, and exemplary teaching.

To remain accredited, the School must submit a written interim report to ACPE that addresses the seven items marked ‘compliant with monitoring’ in the Evaluation Team Report (ETR) no later than April 1, 2021. Three of these items include personal and professional development, interprofessional education (IPE), and the strategic plan, all of which are new to the School and need time to develop and be implemented to be evaluated as compliant.

“I feel confident in the Schools ability to improve on the items marked compliant with monitoring. The majority of the items have already had time to improve since the visit in October,” said Melgardt De Villiers, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. “In the meantime, I and the accreditation committee will be working to create the School’s interim report.”

Find the monitoring requested by the ACPE Board for the interim report below, by the standard:

Standard No. 4: Personal and Professional Development

  • A brief description of the continued implementation of the co-curricular plan.
  • A detailed description of the plan to ensure all students achieve the key elements of Standards 3 and 4, specifically leadership and advocacy.

Standard No. 7: Strategic Plan

  • A brief description of the implementation of the revised strategic plan including any additional changes made.

Standard No. 11: Interprofessional Education (IPE)

  • A detailed description of the continued implementation of the IPE plan and a description of any changes made based upon assessment data.

Standard No. 12: Pre-Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (Pre-APPE) Curriculum

  • A detailed description of the IPPE program plan including a timeline for implementation and changes made to the IPPE hours.

Standard No. 17: Progression

  • A brief description of the implementation of the Early Warning and Implementation Policy including changes made based on longitudinal assessment data.
  • A brief description of the implementation of the Remediation Policy including changes made based on longitudinal assessment data.

Standard No. 18: Faculty and Staff –Quantitative Factors

  • A detailed description of the progress made toward the fulfillment of the open/vacant faculty positions.

Standard No. 22: Practice Facilities

  • A copy and detailed description of the policy articulating the frequency and requirements related to the site evaluation process

The accreditation committee which includes Mel De Villiers, Beth Janetski, Beth Martin, and Mike Pitterle, feels encouraged by the feedback received from ACPE and is looking forward to the School’s continued success in years to come.

“The re-accreditation process allowed us to capitalize on our continuous quality improvement processes already in place at the School. We are grateful for everyone’s contributions and that the site team recognized the incredible community we have here,” said Beth Martin, an accreditation committee member.

Dean Swanson thanks the accreditation committee for their continued leadership and the entire School for their participation and contributions throughout this highly collaborative process.

The School’s accreditation status is now view-able on ACPE’s web site.

View all ACPE accreditation documents here.

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Warren Heideman Retires After Thirty Years at the SoP

After 30 years at the School of Pharmacy (SoP), Warren Heideman is retiring from his role as a Pharmaceutical Sciences Division (PSD) Professor.

As a child, Heideman dreamed of being a scientist. He fulfilled that dream when he obtained his bachelor’s degree in zoology and chemistry and a PhD from one of the first molecular pharmacology departments in the country at the University of Washington. He went on to do post-doctoral work in immunology at the University of California, Berkley, followed by more post-doctoral work at the University of California San Francisco to study Ras regulation.

Heideman arrived at the UW–Madison SoP on August 28, 1988, and has made great contributions to education, research, and teaching ever since.

“My favorite memory has been having the privilege to stand in front of each PharmD class. Our students are the cream of the crop. To lecture in front of such audiences is such an honor. I was always humbled by it,” said Heideman.

During his time at the School, he trained 24 graduate students, 11 post-doctoral students, and taught Pharmacology to countless nursing and PharmD students. In 2019, Heideman’s PharmD students selected him as DPH-2 Teacher of the Year. In the nominations, students mentioned his sense of humor, interactive lectures, and the tendency to go above and beyond for students.

“Dr. Heideman always finds ways to keep students engaged during the early morning pharmacology lectures. I looked forward to class every morning and I don’t think there was a single class period where I didn’t laugh at least once,” said one of Heideman’s second-year pharmacy students.

Another student added, “Dr. Heideman is one of those unique professors you will recall years after graduating from school. He’s a once in a generation type of professor!”

Heideman and his lab made great contributions to research over the past three decades. He has 100 publications that have been cited over 6,000 times. His work was published in a range of journals that include Genetics, JBC, J Bact, PNAS, Embo J, Tox Sci, and Nature. He obtained funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), American Chemical Society (ACS), Department of Energy (DOE), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Leukemia Society, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the UW Graduate School, and the SoP to support his research.

“Warren thinks outside the box and oftentimes has very novel insights. He’s always really appreciated on committees and meetings because he always contributes and brings a wonderful sense of humor. He’s just a really good colleague,” said Ron Burnette, PSD division chair, professor, and associate dean for faculty affairs.

Heideman had many roles and served at the national level as a member of study sections and panels for the NIH and NSF. He also served on university-level committees including the Biology Divisional Committee and numerous committees within the SoP. Additionally, he was associate dean for faculty affairs for two years, followed by eight years as associate dean for research.

“Every school committee that I served on with Warren was much more interesting with his humor, independent thinking, and fearless sharing of insights that often departed from the status quo. He made us really think,” said SAS Professor Betty Chewning.

After a long and fulfilling career, Heideman is looking forward to his retirement. He plans to build furniture, saw a tree into finished lumber, rebuild Porsche motors, and maybe spend some time listening to the ocean.

“Professor Warren Heideman will be greatly missed by the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division and SoP community,” said Graduate Programs Coordinator Ken Niemeyer. “He has a one-of-a-kind personality and is extremely kind. Thanks, Warren, for all you have poured into building great pharmacists and scientists at the SoP for all of these years.”

When asked about the legacy he would like to leave behind, Heideman said, “I think the school is affected by the collective legacy of all of us. I hope that I will have helped in that process. We are all in this together.”

Heideman’s official last day at the SoP was on February 3.


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Get to Know SoP

Buzzing Around

New Hires:

Brielle Wenthur – Faculty Assistant with SAS Professor Betty Chewning, started on January 3.






Theresa CucciaDillard – Faculty Assistant with SAS Professor Betty Chewning, started on January 3.

Becky Mann – Faculty Assistant with SAS Professor Betty Chewning, started on January 3.

Yatao Shi – Starting a new position as post-doc Research Associate in the Li Lab (former graduate student Research Assistant in the Li lab), effective on January 14.

Carola Gaines – Gaines joined the SoP on January 27 as a Community Outreach Specialist. She will be a key member of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Community-Academic Aging Research Network (CAARN), the African American Health Network (AAHN) of Dane County, and other community partner organizations in Dane County.

Over the past 35 years Gaines has been involved in community partnerships and neighborhood health educational initiatives. In 1994, she established the Unity Health Insurance Medicaid Outreach Program which enrolled over 1,200 eligible Medicaid members in Unity Health Insurance. Under her supervision, the membership has grown to include 17 counties with over 38,000 members. She is a well-respected community leader who has developed partnerships with the following community organizations: UnityPoint-Health Meriter, SSM Health, UW Health, Black Women Wellness, Latino Health Council, African American Health Council, Centro Hispano, Urban League of Greater Madison, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to name a few.

Gaines will identify and engage community clinics and service organizations (churches, neighborhood centers, meal sites, parish nurses, etc.) in Dane County’s African American communities to participate on research teams and Tailored Advisory Boards. She will also assist the African American Health Network (AAHN) of Dane County and the Community Academic Aging Research Network (CAARN) to identify the health needs of African American older adults in their communities and identify the research topics of interest to these organizations. Additionally, she will lead engagement in hands-on activities with Dane County communities and train academic partners in culturally responsive research practices, both which will help in building trust between community stakeholders and academic researchers.

Gaines will also serve as co-investigator to PPD Professor Eva Vivian for NIH and NIA research.

Erin Bailey – Bailey joined the School of Pharmacy as a Research Specialist with the Abraham research team on February 1. Erin has over 17 years of experience working with underserved communities, fostering programming and research in health disparities. Erin comes from the UW Carbone Cancer Center’s Cancer Health Disparities Initiative, where she was been a project coordinator and community-based researcher. For just over a decade she has worked for The Witness Project of Madison in several capacities, the most recent of which is director of programming. The Witness Project is an evidenced based breast and cervical cancer prevention and screening program for African American women. Erin is pursuing a doctoral degree at UW-Madison’s School of Human Ecology in the Civil Society and Community Research program, with a focus on community engaged research and practice, with a specialized public health and health disparities minor. She is a 2009 School of Human Ecology (SoHE) graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies, and 2017 SoHE graduate with an master’s in human ecology. Erin’s office is in 2527C.


Laura Stephenson – Stephenson joined the School of Pharmacy as a Research Specialist with the Abraham research team on February 10. She is originally from California, but has been in Wisconsin for the last seven years. She came to Madison for her graduate work at UW, receiving her PhD in Communication Arts.  Laura received her bachelor’s from Stanford University (sociology) and her master’s from the University of Pennsylvania in communications. Her doctoral research focused on the role of media in the home, with an emphasis on parents and parental mediation. Laura strives to help parents understand their influential role in media’s impact on their children and empower parents to smoothly navigate this ever-changing terrain of video games, TV, and social media. Prior to her PhD training, Laura worked at Washington University in St. Louis for the Ervin Scholars Program, where she guided and supported students through their collegiate years. She enjoys mentoring students through research and school, as well as working with kids as research participants! Currently, Laura lives in Madison with her twin teenagers, Hunter and Walker, and her husband, Jason. In her free time, she enjoys sharing media time with friends and family, playing soccer, and experiencing Madison’s many lakes. Feel free to reach out to her at lstephenson2@wisc.edu or pop by her cubicle in the SRC to welcome Laura!



Ka Xiong – Research Specialist with SAS Associate Professor Michelle Chui, last day was on January 18.






Brett Kelly – DPPD Clinical Assistant Professor, last day was on February 14.

“I wish you all continued success as you pursue your personal and professional aspirations.  Being a small part of the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy over the last three-and-half years has been a true honor.  I feel blesses to have worked among the gifted and dedicated faculty, staff and amazing students associated with this fine institution.  Thank you for your inspiration, your dedication and above all your friendship during our time together.  This shared life experiences binds us now and into the future.  Going forward, I am joining a small start-up pharmaceutical company based in the bay area (SF, CA) with a new mediation expected to enter the US market in the fall of 2020.  This opportunity allows me to work remotely for now and ultimately relocate to Washington state where my wife (Kathryn) and I can be closer to eldest son and our daughter-in-law as they eventually expand their family.  I have no profound parting words except to ask that you remain humble, be kind others and always always savory your journey through life.”  -Brett Kelly



Warren Heideman – PharmSci Professor,  last day was on February, 3.








Meg Wise – SRC Associate Scientist, last day was on February 5.

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SoP Salute

Jasmyn Booker

“I am fortunate to work with Jasmyn on two difference committees and one work group. In these spaces, Jasmyn embodies all the qualities one could ask for in a colleague. To name a few, she is positive, collaborative, curious, and is always willing to take on responsibilities to help advance the work we are doing. I am also appreciative of the work Jasmyn has done with the Rennebohm Buzz. It takes a lot of time and commitment to keep abreast of what’s going on in the school, to seek out newsworthy items, interview faculty/staff/students, and then create a fabulous write up. Thank you, Jasmyn, for all that you do for the School of Pharmacy!”

Lisa Imhoff – Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives


 Know a staff or faculty member who deserves acknowledgement for a job well done? Submit your salute here!

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Faculty/Staff Spotlight: Julie Jensen

Name: Julie Jensen

Job title: Director of Development

Hometown: Madison, WI!

How long have you worked at the School of Pharmacy? I started on January 27.

Tell us what you do… Collaborate with Dean Swanson and the advancement team to implement and enhance the key philanthropic priorities of the School.

What are you currently working on? Getting to know my colleagues at both the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association and the School of Pharmacy.

What about your work makes you the most proud? The ability to support the School’s research through my skill at forming lasting relationships with donors.

Who inspires you and why? Journalists. The news is real, “alternative facts” aren’t.

Latest read or TV show binge? I just started binging “The Frankenstein Chronicles” on Netflix.

If you see me around, stop and talk to me about… My dogs. I can’t walk down the street without someone stopping me to ask about them.

If I had more time, I’d love to… Spend more time traveling with my family.

My favorite place is… Madison. It’s a great place to grow up and to raise kids. There’s so much to do all year-round, and it’s within driving distance of several other great cities.

What’s something about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone? EVERYONE in my family is a proud UW grad!

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Pet Lovers Corner

Jason Peters, Assistant Professor

Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 (“MG”) was struck from a -80°C glycerol stock in Bob Landick’s lab in 2012. After a brief lag phase, she really warmed up to us (at 37°C)!

Likes: A warm home—human body temperature is perfect! She also loves autolyzed yeast cells.

Dislikes: Exogenous valine. She has a mutation in ilvG that she’s really sensitive about!

Fun fact: We aren’t the first people at UW–Madison to care for MG. Emeritus Professor Fred Blattner wrote a tell-all story about their friendship that was 4.6 million characters in length!


Julie Jenson, Director of Development

Simon is a 12-year-old seal-lynx point Siamese cat. He was a birthday gift for my oldest daughter when she turned five and they have been best friends ever since.

Bowie Stardust is a three-year-old Hungarian Vizsla. She is the Jensen family’s first dog and she couldn’t be more perfect for “cat people” as Vizsla’s are weird dog-cat-human hybrid creatures. Bowie is the fastest dog at the dog park, and a champion snuggler. Bowie’s red coat proves that she’s the ultimate Badger fan.

Zelda Jane is a one-year-old Weimaraner/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. Zelda weighs 55 pounds but thinks she’s a lapdog. When she decides she wants to sit on you, you had better be ready (drink, snack, TV remote, and trip to the bathroom first) because once she’s on your lap, there’s no getting up.

(Left to right: Simon, Zelda Jane, Bowie Stardust)









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Photo Gallery: Provost Karl Scholz Visits the SoP

Provost Karl Scholz visited to the School to learn about pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, student training, and how our School collaborates, integrates with, and supports campus efforts in teaching, research, and service. View the visit itinerary here.

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